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capaubv1 Livro de fotografia de Joseph R. Sherman com textos bilingues (Português e Inglês) de poesia e prosa poética do mesmo autor e de Alexandra Oliveira.

 (Editora : Medialivros, S.A., 2005)

“Mesmo quando completo, o Sonho não cessa de ser criado, e de criar. Ele é, sem dúvida, o criador supremo, a musa das musas, o primeiro rasgo de inspiração, e o último retoque do génio. O Sonho é o compositor e a música, a tela e o pintor, o escultor e a essência para lá da escultura, o fotógrafo e o silêncio eloquente da imagem, o poeta e toda a poesia, a primordial esperança e o derradeiro recurso, a ave e a onda, o sopro e a chama. Assim, ele está, e estará sempre, em contínua metamorfose, através dos elementos que integram e desagregam o Todo… mesmo quando está já a ser contemplado numa galeria, ou quando escapa de entre as páginas de um livro, que será sempre de esboços, evoluindo através de texturas inconfundíveis na sua singularidade, líquida, incandescente, telúrica, ou aérea, e contudo, tão congruentes na sua fusão como a natureza intrínseca do universo, e, aliás, do Sonho. onelight2
Elementos da vida, e, no entanto, e sempre, do Sonho… a serem interiorizados e incessantemente transformados, para então alçarem voo da sua crisálida, como da nossa, através do desmedido caleidoscópio de cores e formas, à espera de se revelar… em todos os Universos para Além do Visível.”


(Da Introdução – © Alexandra Oliveira e Joseph R. Sherman (Autores OneLight*®) – Todos os direitos reservados)



Book Report: Universes Beyond the Visible ~ Elements of Dream
Universes Beyond the Visible ~ Elements of Dream
Alexandra* & Joseph* – OneLight*
ISBN 972-797-121-0 10” x 12” Hardcover Color photos and poetry-prose text. A bilingual production — English and Portuguese. The book is segmented into categories of air, fire, water and earth. From the marriage of poetic text with the specific photographs, to the color printing to the design layout of the book, to paper and binding selection, professionalism of the highest order is manifest in every aspect.
Highly recommended.


A flashing fan of pages of this book tempts one’s imagination to dart quickly to the outermost reaches of physical vision in a vain attempt to gain a glimpse of the title’s promise long before quiet time is available for honest delving. Those of us who have read Alexandra and Joseph (Alexandra Oliveira and Joseph Sherman) before and have seen examples of Joseph’s photography will surely anticipate the treat, and only a suitable span of undivided time will suffice to devour and absorb their effort.

And at last — but what can one say that will relay a picture of this magnificent work that has not been said in its very own introduction: “Dream is the composer and the music, the canvas and the painter, the sculptor and the essence beyond the sculpture, the photographer and the silent eloquence of the image, the poet and all poetry, the first hope and the last rope, the bird and the wave, the breath and the blaze….kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, waiting to be revealed…in all the Universes Beyond the Visible.

As we go about our daily routines many of us have our minds tuned to frequencies other than those explored in this book and plays of light on ordinary objects and substances often pass into oblivion with never a leading or following thought. The authors show their uncanny ability to capture the poetic and artistic character of light falling on those commonplace objects and substances and to explore the unknown, unseen of each in prose and poetry. In the presence of such image masters, a sense of admiration wells — even something of an element of awe.

Joseph’s camera folds the viewer into his own world as he captures hues and tints — subtle or brilliant — color flows that are unique, never to be formed in this universe again — whether of sun dimpled surfaces and landscapes, of ethereal plumes dancing in romantic passionate flamenco, rushing white water tableaus, or ancient orchard stones in placid settings of after-season vineyard castaways. His words and Alexandra’s soft poetic probes couch each photo and take us beyond the visible to the elements of dream that this work so elegantly encompasses. The complimentary nature of the entwined contributions to the book is noteworthy — indeed it becomes a metaphor for the shared love between the co-authors.

Your mind will open to more possibilities beyond the visible universe, having enjoyed the sensual pleasures of “Universes Beyond the Visible~Elements of Dream.” And your coffee table will be intriguingly adorned and guest-ready with this treasury of photography literature boldly displayed.

© 2006 R. Leland Waldrip



A Review of Universes Beyond the Visible ~ Elements of Dream

This valuable work, the product of two artists Alexandra Oliveira and Joseph Sherman is described by them as being a book of photography. This it most certainly is, but also much, much more.
Universes Beyond the Visible combines excellent images, all the work of Joseph Sherman, together with poetic verses, written by both Alexandra Oliveira and Joseph Sherman. Throughout this large and magnificently illustrated hardback-cover 24 by 31 cm book, the poets express their spiritual views on the nature of existence and the nature of self. Even their own publisher name One Light together with the title, introduces us to what we can expect, with its emphasis on the elements of dream as always present in the image and as a core to our reality of self.
The theme is one of alchemical transmutation, as we are individually led by photography through the elements of earth, water, fire and air in the imagination of Joseph Sherman, together with the poetic works of each to the corresponding image.
What is most remarkable about this innovative and talented spiritual effort is the fact that this book is bi-lingual. Alexandra writes in English, as well as her native tongue Portuguese, as well as translating Joseph’s poems from English. This gives an added dimension to the work, I do not know in the case of her own poems, whether she wrote in English first and then Portuguese or vice versa, perhaps both. But the instant we read the English version, we know we are looking at something different in the English Language, something of the richness, sweetness and sensuality of the Portuguese language is transferred into the work. Her style is both highly conceptual and romantic but the written verse, as a whole in free verse, is as succinct as it is elaborative but a contrast to Joseph’s more pristine approach, which also gains from Alexandra’s splendid translations. Joseph has in fact spent time on Haiku and it led him to create his own very interesting innovative verse forms, although these do not appear in this work, nevertheless the mood pervades his stylistics throughout.
In fact it is difficult in this book to separate the two artists, who have, in combined inspiration worked to make it, as in my opinion, both have served as the other’s muse. It certainly is a work well worth the price of its purchase and we at Poetry Life and Times are happy to recommend it to our readers.
Robin (Co Editor PLT)
(Robin Ouzman Hislop)





·         Menção Honrosa na categoria “Photography Books” do New York Book Festival 2009

. 4º Prémio na categoria “Books of Photography” do certame I.P.A. – International Photography Awards 2006, patrocinado pela Pilsner Urquell

·         1º Prémio na Categoria 1 – Livros, Revistas, e Folhetos do certame Inapa Portugal – Arjo Wiggins 2006


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